On May 6, 2020 three weak anti-union members of the MFOW conspired to increase their overtime and have a fellow union member charged criminally.

No one in authority believed the lies stupidly perpetuated by Mene Lopaka, Steve Mohlin, and Albert Pastor. They were the remaining MFOW members on Matson Navigation’s MV Maunalei.

Mene Lopaka even called the victim days later from China fearfully digging for information. (See above phone exhibit).

The MFOW President was astonished to learn that Mene Lopaka called the victim but apparently didn’t consider that worthy of consideration. We could suppose he would ignore his wife’s rapist calling her at the hospital as well.

The MFOW President did not consider the criminal record of Mene Lopaka either when completing his “thorough investigation”. (July 15, 2020)

The MFOW President prematurely put in writing that a “thorough investigation” was completed. He could of waited another two weeks before making such a patently false statement.

Mene Lopaka will eventually lose custody of his kid and return to snitching out his drug partners. No doubt things won’t end well for a jailhouse snitch unable to flee an island.

Steve Mohlin will be divorced by his wife after losing his Oceanside, California home in civil court.

Albert Pastor will admit to taking Wiper’s property as delegate and flee to the Philippines.

This event is a dark stain on the MFOW and it’s President.