My journey into consumer virtual reality began when I had to leave Florida for work in Los Angeles. No longer was I able to drive down streets to look for my first house purchase after receiving a listing from my realtor. I also missed Florida beaches especially Miami’s South Beach.

I traveled the coast of California all the way to the Oregon state line to see the beauty. On my return to Los Angeles I listened to a replay of Coast To Coast Am and the interview of the author of “The History Of The Future”. I learned of the Occulus device and how consumer virtual reality at a low price was available. I bought the book from Amazon.Com and also made an impulse buy of the Occulus Go from Best Buy in Torrance, CA. I was hooked. The device was everything I ever dreamed of as a way to get back to the beaches of Florida..

MiamiHappy.Com existed before my discover of inexpensive consumer virtual reality. It was meant to be a blog and photo album of everything I love about Miami Beach and Florida. I now hope to make the website a virtual reality portal to the feeling of presence on the beaches of Florida.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The revenue will go towards hiring talent to make MiamiHappy.Com your destination when you long for the sunshine of Florida.