On May 6, 2020 three weak pussies in the MFOW conspired to increase their overtime by having the AP Wiper fired.

No one in authority believed the lies stupidly perpetuated by Lopaka, Mohlin, and Pastor on the MV Maunalei.

Lopaka even called the victim days later from China fearfully digging for information. When he found out that a Coast Guard hearing was to occur he whined like a pussy “ca ca can’t the captain stop that?!” (See above phone exhibit).

The MFOW President was astonished to learn that Lopaka called the victim and apparently didn’t consider this evidence in his investigation.

The great semi -educated MFOW President did not consider the criminal record of Lopaka either when completing his “thorough investigation”.

Man, 24, charged in Pauoa threat case

A 24-year-old man has been charged for allegedly threatening a 24-year-old woman with an unspecified dangerous instrument in Pauoa.

Lopaka K.L. Mene was charged Tuesday with first-degree terroristic threatening. His bail was set at $75,000.

Police said a suspect identified as Mene threatened the victim at about 8:45 p.m. Monday. He was arrested shortly after.

The MFOW President put in writing prematurely that a “thorough investigation” was completed. He could of waited another two weeks before making such a patently false statement. No doubt he will wait for a deposition he is unlikely to attend to scramble for a defense of his non action to defend an innocent member. He might as well inform the membership the size of the check he will sign to the AP Wiper’s counsel.

When Steve Mohlin is faced with losing all his property he will surely tell the truth. He will report that Junior told him after their failed scheme to provoke AP Wiper that they must make false statements so outrageous that shoreside personnel must turn around a ship. The delegate, Pastor, will admit to taking property of AP Wiper and being cowed into false statements himself. The plot was so poorly executed over lunch that witnesses will come forward and report the events described never happened. This event is a dark stain on the MFOW and it’s President who is clearly disinterested in intelligent analysis.

Let us hope the MFOW President achieves his professional goals despite showing a patent lack of judgement and intelligence. It would be unkind to put him in the quadrant of “stupid and ambitious’ but clearly he could of gone to a better acting seminar before dismissing the grievance of AP Wiper.